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Sever maintenance

Pastrami_God AdminSquire posted Aug 10, 17

Server down for maintenance

sorry for the inconvenience

MusicNinjas ModSquire That would explains mcmmo being cleaned when I was on. Guessing it still down but is still up and running?

Server Updated to 1.12.1

Pastrami_God AdminSquire posted Aug 7, 17

Server updated to


New Admin

Darksider118 Owner posted Aug 7, 17

Welcome the new Talaria staff!



This is for a special project we will be working on. Django was also a previous admin on Talaria

before the great server death. So I find it applicable for him to be promoted to Admin.

Staff Promotions



Due to her Participation on the server as well as her history with the server. The head staff have decided to promote Iakni to Admin

Congratulations you two!!!!

PieEater Squire congrats you two
MusicNinjas ModSquire Congrats you two! Wish you best of luck, other wise not wishing for it would be wishing for the worst of the server XD
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