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Staff Results

TheBenPsych Developer posted Wed at 18:49

Welcome the new Talaria staff!



Senior Mod:







For now we will not be accepting anymore positions. We greatly appreciate those who applied. If you did not get accepted, try again next time, as the server grows we will need more staff members. Please tell everyone congrats when you see them, being a staff member is not an easy task. You have helped me on the server before, and I look forward to doing it all again. Hopefully together we will revive Talaria and bring it back to greatness. Thank you again everyone!

pso_zeldaphreak Developer
pso_zeldaphreak @ Legends of Talar...
MusicNinjas I am not an alt of Ben, these are the new staff. The staff page has Ben still listed as a Dev, which he st...
PieEater Squire grats :)
MusicNinjas ModSquire Also why arn't you listed as a dev on here? Or do you have a second account that is pso?


SirSwervesAlot Admin posted Mon at 13:49

Alright It's Back

Issues with the server seem to be fixed. Let us know if there are anymore issues. Sorry for the downtime everyone.

We also now have a dedicated IP: MC.LEGENDSOFTALARIA.COM

Server Down For A Bit

Server is down for maintanance

Server is back

The server is back up, we also have a new IP, it is on the right hand side. There may be an issue with accounts in game, let me know if there is.

If you're reading this you've probably tried to join the server and are wondering what's going on. At this moment in time the server is down and the only person who can start it back up is the owner himself. I apologize for the inconvenience. We are doing everything we can to get things running smoothly again.

MusicNinjas ModSquire Here to hoping what ever the problems are, are soon to be solved. :3
Mystique_Runes Knight Thank you for posting this. I was wondering what was going on.


Darksider118 Owner posted Sat at 12:09

Mob Loot

Mobs now carry around money, slice them open to release their rewards.

Players now will drop money on death as well.


Problem with spawning in the end is now fixed have fun in there!

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