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Server down time

Darksider118 Owner posted Sep 3, 17

I don't know how much longer the server will be down but theres nothing I can do at this point. The problem is 100% our provider so we must wait on them if we are gonna keep all of our data sorry for this inconvenience.

Since the downtime is not our fault on our end and is a problem with our provider. They will Refund us the days we lost due to the outage. 

In other News

The work for the updated server was going well before the outage. I hope the progress continues as we push forward with the new changes.

MusicNinjas ModSquire Well here to hoping everything can get fix as soon as possible :)

Server Down Time

Darksider118 Owner posted Sep 1, 17

For some reason multicraft is denying my login information, I have no idea why but im looking into it right now hopefully the server will be back up soon.

Sever maintenance

Pastrami_God AdminSquire posted Aug 10, 17

Server down for maintenance

sorry for the inconvenience

MusicNinjas ModSquire That would explains mcmmo being cleaned when I was on. Guessing it still down but is still up and running?
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